Omni-Channel Retail, Selling & Marketing

Lufapak is a multi-client warehouse, which offers you the best service through Omni-channel partners

We are your reliable partner for all tasks related to successful Omni-channel retailing, selling and marketing. We have the right Omni-channel strategy for all processes and company sizes.

As an online retailer, you are not limited to selling on a single sales channel, but you want to make your assortment available to a large potential consumer group. No matter how many sales channels you use, our fulfillment has extensive experience in Omni-channel management. Of course, your own website can also be integrated efficiently.

We are happy to advise you on all topics and have many experts with many years of experience in the company. Multichannel distribution can be very complex and confusing, especially for newcomers. We will be glad to explain to you all available possibilities and ensure that your Omni-channeling works as economically as possible.

Fulfillment is fully taken over by us, and our flexible and optimized workflow allows you to benefit from cost-effective and reliable Omni-channeling. Individual requirements are always taken into account by Omni channel management.

Your personal consultant around Lufapak Fulfillment
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Sell through all sales channels

From Amazon to Ebay, from sales through your own website to the filling up of a brick and mortar shop: Lufapak offers you decades of experience in all areas.

We know how sales work across multiple channels, because many of our customers use multiple sales channels.

No matter which option you use, whether webshop, Amazon, Ebay, trade chains, brick and mortar shops, etc, we are equipped for this. The orders are accepted by our warehouse management system and are dispatched by our experienced warehouse team according to your wishes and individual requirements. No matter which sales channel you use, we have the knowledge and the experience to support your workflows.

With close cooperation with numerous service partners, we offer you interfaces to many online marketplaces, dispatch service providers, payment systems, shop systems and a great number of possibilities to optimize your online business.

Shop-Software / CMS:
Connection via DreamRobot – Magento, PrestaShop, shopware, gambio, Strato, epages, xt: Commerce, Mallux, 1&1
Connection via Lufapak – Cin7

  • 1und1
  • Cin7
  • Epages
  • Gambio Gx2 Shopping
  • Magento
  • Mallux Die Shopping Plattform
  • Prestashop
  • Shopware
  • Strato
  • Xt Commerce Shopsoftware

E-commerce solution:
Connection via DreamRobot – OXID
Connection via Lufapak – DreamRobot

  • DreamRobot
  • Oxid Eshop

Connection via DreamRobot – Host Europe

  • Host Europe
  • Pictibe

Online Market places – Market places:
Connection via DreamRobot – Allyouneed, Amazon, ebay, Gimahhot, Hitmeister,, Kauflux, Rakuten,, Yatego

  • All you Need Martplatz
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Gimahhot
  • Hitmeister
  • Hood De
  • Kauflux
  • Rakuten
  • Ricardo Ch
  • Yatego

Company software:
Connection via DreamRobot – =Exact, Lexware

  • Exact
  • Lexware

Payment provider:
Connection via DreamRobot – Instant transfer, PayPal, BillSAFE, Klarna, Skrill, Amazon Payment

  • Amazon Payments
  • Billsafe
  • Klarna
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Soft Ueberweisung

FTP Interface, WEB-Service, VDA/EDI (automotive standard), SAP, Oracle, Email, BPCS

    Logistics & Shipping provider:
    Connection via DreamRobot – UPS, DPD, Iloxx, Hermes, GLS, Shipcloud, DHL Package, Deutsche Post
    Connection via Lufapak – DPD, GLS, DHL Paket, DHL Express, Night Star Express, NOX, IDS, DACHSER, XPO
    Pallet – Iloxx, DHL Freight, IDS, Dachser, XPO
    Parcel – UPS, DPD, Iloxx, Hermes, GLS, Shipcloud, DHL Paket, DHL Express, Deutsche Post, Night Star Express, NOX, SGM

    • Dachser Intelligent Logistics
    • Deutsche Post Internetmarke
    • Dhl Express
    • Dhl Freight
    • Dhl Paket
    • Dpd
    • Gls
    • Hermes
    • IDS
    • Iloxx Alles Einfach Versenden
    • Night Star Express
    • Nox Nachtexpress
    • Shipcloud
    • Ups
    • Xpo
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      Omni Channel Fulfillment – Lufapak is your partner for reliable supply to your distribution channels

      Consumer buying behavior has changed and diversified enormously over the past decades. Instead of ordering from a catalog, products are now ordered through different channels, splitting the customer journey into many strands. Similarly, the logistical effort has changed and adapted to the circumstances. For companies, the changeover to omni-channel availability can mean a lot of effort. How do you get all the processes under one roof without using an unnecessary amount of resources? The solution is Omnichannel Fulfillment from Lufapak. Our services are designed to completely take over your logistical processes and provide a regulated flow of goods along the various sales channels. Our omnichannel warehouse ensures that you can supply your customers with their goods as quickly as possible at any time, regardless of the ordering process or channel. Outsource your processes to your reliable partner Lufapak and focus on your core business instead.

      Omni Channel Fulfillment definition and how to use it to your advantage

      When selling goods, companies are confronted with many logistical processes. Fulfillment offers online store operators the opportunity to outsource these processes and have them performed by professional providers. However, sales are now not only made via one channel, but can take on a wide variety of forms. Omnichannel fulfillment plays an important role here. Basically, omnichannel fulfillment is a service that adapts the service to the customer’s needs. In particular, it is a matter of meeting the requirements of the respective channels and guaranteeing the provision of the orders. We at Lufapak – as your trusted partner – take care of the supply of goods to all channels. As this is a complex construct, a high level of expertise is a prerequisite for smooth processes. Put your trust in our professional omnichannel order fulfillment service by scheduling a consultation for your business.

      All logistics processes from a single source – Omni Channel Order Fulfillment

      If you run a business that distributes products through multiple channels, Omni Channel Order Fulfillment is just what you need. At Lufapak, you get a wide variety of services that go far beyond traditional fulfillment. Through our Omni Channel Warehouse, you can get all your logistics processes from a single source. An important advantage of this is that we can give you an exact overview of incoming and outgoing goods across all channels. This not only reduces your logistics costs, but also ensures a satisfactory service for your customers. We also accept returned shipments on your behalf and process them according to your instructions. By consistently outsourcing all orders to us, you have easy access to all the information you need regarding your remaining inventory and returns. With our omnichannel fulfillment services, you can ensure that your orders are processed smoothly and at high speed.

      An Omni Channel Warehouse enables holistic quality control of your order requests

      Omni Channel Fulfillment is primarily used for the holistic processing of order requests across all sales channels. By handing over your processes to our Expert:in Omni Channel Warehouse, we can ensure that your quality standards are maintained. If you put your products up for sale via different channels, the logistical processes run through us. In this way, we can ensure that quality requirements and standards are met for every order, regardless of channel. Thus, Omnichannel Fulfillment enables cross-channel and more accurate quality control. This factor plays back into customer satisfaction. On the one hand, by controlling through Lufapak, you can ensure that products are available for all channels and can be quickly prepared and processed for shipment. Omnichannel order fulfillment is a first-class solution for companies that want to strengthen their presence across multiple channels. Lufapak handles all the logistical processes needed for this!

      Take advantage of the myriad benefits of Omni Channel Fulfillment

      Omni Channel Fulfillment is a great way for businesses to position themselves across multiple channels. Because you outsource your logistical efforts to us and have them managed holistically, you can benefit from many advantages. A particularly decisive factor is the significant reduction in costs. Instead of managing various warehouses and service providers, you obtain your services only from Lufapak. In this way, you save valuable resources and can instead invest them wisely in the growth of your business. Within the framework of our cooperation, you can focus on other issues without any worries and drive your core business forward. In the meantime, our specialists take care of processing all orders from various sales channels. Whether you sell your goods via e-commerce or wholesale, we ensure that the ordered products are made ready for transport and shipment as quickly as possible. With Lufapak you can put aside your worries about distribution and logistics and let professionals do the work.

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