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Focus on sales and we take care of the storage, shipping and picking of your goods – from a single source.

Outsourcing by a logistics company will enormously simplify and speed up your entire logistics processes. At the same time, you benefit from lower costs and the highest possible quality in distribution logistics. Our future-oriented fulfillment will surely convince you.

Our logistics management takes care of the complete fulfillment of your warehouse logistics. Through our various possibilities of task management, we achieve a high degree of flexibility and quality in the execution of our logistics planning. For each process, we have the right experts on our team, who are also keen to deal with special concerns.

The resulting outsourcing advantages are enormous. The quality of the entire logistics will improve and at the same time a reduction in logistics costs will be achieved. The latest work processes and up-to-date IT enable a smooth flow of transport logistics.


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As a logistics service provider, we take over the supply chain management with our industry know-how. Through our fulfilment services, you can concentrate on your core business and profit from our good infrastructure. Our logistics consultancy accompanies you from the outset to enable an efficient process. All of the packaging, picking and dispatch of your packages is done in our logistics center. Changed customer wishes can be edited and corrected quickly.
Your external warehouse with us therefore offers you many positive aspects for your fulfillment. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote and optimize your distribution logistics.

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    Warehouse outsourcing – reduce costs and stay competitive

    Strongly expanding companies and newly founded online stores need space for the offered goods as well as a well-rehearsed logistics concept to efficiently serve the orders. In doing so, dynamic demand can present many companies with unexpected difficulties. On the one hand, small storage spaces may not be able to keep up with increased purchasing power as well as exceed storage capacity. On the other hand, too little demand and the cost of the space can quickly shrink the budget. Therefore, Lufapak’s outsourcing warehouse offers the optimal alternative of being able to actively respond to the order status while saving costs. Our perfectly equipped warehouse has the latest software, which makes the warehouse outsourcing for you a flexible solution to the logistics task. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your customer satisfaction in the long term and increase sales.

    Warehouse and shipping outsourcing to speed up your processes

    We offer you as a fulfillment service provider our well-rehearsed combination of warehousing and transport logistics, which gives you the opportunity to fully concentrate on sales despite increased order volumes. Outsourcing warehousing with a reliable and experienced partner like Lufapak can be the ideal way for companies of any size and industry to use and manage their resources wisely. With us your distribution logistics is in capable hands. Warehouse outsourcing begins with the receipt of goods and trained quality control and ends only when your customer is satisfied with the product in his hands. The outsourcing warehousing service also includes our proven IT system and QR code solution, which can provide the best possible product tracking through optimal labeling. This way, the location of your goods can be determined at any time and your inventory practically takes care of itself.

    Warehouse outsourcing especially valuable for the e-commerce sector

    Start-ups, new online stores and established online retailers benefit from external warehousing to a particular extent. Renting your own premises means committing to one location and incurring additional costs, which are made redundant by outsourcing warehousing and shipping. Lufapak helps your company to stay flexible and to fully exploit its growth potential, while you know that the supply chain management up to the returns management is in trustful hands. Our IT infrastructure includes access to your inventory management system through intelligent interfaces and works closely with many website providers. This way, you always maintain an overview and can check the consistent quality of order processing. In the case of warehouse outsourcing as a fulfillment service, we take care of picking, packing and shipping process for you after receipt of order.

    Lufapak- From our warehouse to the whole world

    Outsourcing warehousing and logistics knows no boundaries. We have been fulfillment providers since 1998 and have over 20,000 square meters of warehouse space that we would like to put at your disposal. In doing so, with warehouse and shipping outsourcing, you get the logistics advice that can help you expand globally. With our support, your warehouse outsourcing can be the springboard for the worldwide transportation of your goods. We take care of the customs clearance for you and also prepare the transport documents on request, so that nothing stands in your way with the outsourcing warehouse. Additional services such as kitting, assembly or pick pack commissioning can be arranged as part of the consultation and the conclusion of the contract. You choose the options you need from our wide range of warehouse outsourcing services and benefit from cost optimization.

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