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18. January 2021
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17. December 2021

The convincing fulfillment solution for D2C sales (B2C & B2B)

Reliable, economical and fast – these are the central requirements for modern fulfillment solutions. Lufapak stands for this as a high-performance partner for manufacturers, importers and retailers. This applies not only to the B2B and B2C sectors. Also in the dynamically growing D2C segment Lufapak with its experience, competence and state-of-the-art equipment is a guarantor for reliability and efficiency. The experience of the Corona crisis in particular shows that those who expand their deliveries to retailers and intermediaries to include direct-to-consumer (D2C) shipments experience a sudden increase in the volume of individual shipments. The downside of the increased order intake is the increased expense of pick-and-pack work for the respective end customers. This can quickly push in-house distribution to its limits.

This is also where Lufapak brings its strengths to D2C. We handle all incoming individual orders from end consumers for you at the same high level as for commercial customers. This means that you do not need to maintain your own infrastructure or storage capacity for the individual orders. This means a significant financial and organizational relief.

Why D2C is so important

At the latest, the boom in online business and, most recently, the Corona crisis catapulted the concept of direct sales, which had been tried and tested for decades, into a new dimension. When the “lockdown” paralyzed large parts of stationary retail for months, direct dialog with end consumers via a D2C store and the resulting direct sales proved to be a lifeline for many industries.

More and more companies are now discovering the benefits of D2C direct-to-consumer distribution, from startups to traditional companies. With D2C solutions, intermediaries and wholesalers are left out of the equation, so the reduced distribution costs can be passed on directly to the end consumer. Intermediaries are not only stationary stores, but also the established online marketplaces, which pay dearly for factors such as visibility, reach and traffic.

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Reduce costs – gain flexibility with a D2C provider for warehousing, packaging, logistics & dispatch

D2C starts before these costs can even arise. In cooperation with a D2C -experienced fulfillment partner like Lufapak, you save money and gain flexibility. At the same time, you retain full sovereignty and transparency of distribution channels for your D2C store. D2C with Lufapak also enables unfiltered, short-term feedback on the assortment, product quality and delivery processing, directly from the end user. This enables rapid readjustment in response to changing trends in the market and changing customer needs – a valuable time advantage that is directly reflected in sales and demand.

But D2B offers even more advantages: Even when it comes to the important factors of branding and customer loyalty, the intermediate stations of wholesale and retail have actually become superfluous: The classic formula: “Successful retailing requires constant dialog” has never been more true than with D2C. No other sales concept provides such a quick and authentic statement about how the brand and products are perceived by the target group, undistorted by external factors such as locations or static marketing concepts. This is a realization that is spreading among more and more companies, because there is so much more to D2C than simply selling to end consumers: it is an efficient way to future-proof your brand – and at a manageable cost.

As a result, there is practically no product group in which D2C is not gaining ground alongside B2C. And the “C” in D2C doesn’t just stand for consumers of “fast moving consumer goods” (FMCG brands) such as fashion, consumer electronics and other lifestyle products. Customers from the trades, industry and services are becoming increasingly important – in other words, the classic B2B clientele, which is, however, also increasingly discovering the benefits of D2C for itself.

Lufapak – the right partner for D2C fulfillment

Not only since Corona, dynamically growing access figures at stores stand for a target audience that naturally expects a fast, reliable and attractively priced processing of their order. This is exactly what Lufapak can provide with its ECommerce fulfillment service for D2C. At the same time Lufapak offers the structures and the know how to optimize processes sustainably and to reduce costs.

  • Bundling warehousing, logistics and shipping at Lufapak gives you the freedom to build and maintain your brand without worrying about handling your orders. The combination of sophisticated automation and human know-how minimizes the risk of errors and optimizes processes. It also helps to prevent and avoid shortages of goods.
  • Due to the warehousing, it can be decided at short notice whether D2C or B2C is to be shipped, depending on the customer’s requirements.
  • Lufapak handles single orders just as professionally as large orders, whether machine blocks or small parts.
  • Sophisticated warehouse concepts mean that incoming orders can be reliably processed within the shortest possible time. The secure interfaces to store systems and marketplaces and the proven cooperation with renowned transport service providers also contribute to this. This ensures secure shipping to the DACH region and the whole world.
  • Returns and complaints can also be handled efficiently and cost-effectively directly at Lufapak.
  • With Lufapak, you are also well equipped for industry-specific seasonal challenges such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or “Black Friday”. Lufapak’s services and fulfillment structures are intelligently designed and can be adapted to changing requirements at short notice and with little effort.
  • Lufapak also offers attractive complete solutions for D2C, including individualization and branding of the packaging.
  • With Lufapak as fulfillment provider (warehouse, shipping & logistics) for D2C, you can focus entirely on what makes your business successful: Your products.
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