The Lufapak Philosophy – QM & EMS Policy

We, Lufapak GmbH (Neuwied location), are service providers for warehousing, logistics and fulfillment. Here, the requirements of our customers are at the forefront. We are committed to identifying and meeting all customer requirements, the relevant legal requirements, other binding obligations and the continuous consistent improvement of our quality and environmental management system. The quality and environmental policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing our objectives. A trouble-free organization and advanced quality management methods provide the necessary framework.

The overall responsibility for enforcing fair management lies with the management. All employees are required to apply the regulations in force in their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt them to the latest knowledge and requirements. This understanding and awareness, as well as the positive attitude of all employees towards quality, are prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and thus for the lasting success of our company.  . All employees are jointly responsible for the realization of our goals. To this end, we will promote, instruct and train our employees accordingly in order to fulfill all legal obligations on the one hand and to be able to achieve the company’s goals on the other. Our processes will be designed to minimize risk to employees, business activities and the public.

Under the motto: “My hand for my (service) performance”, error-free work as a result of targeted planning, enforcement and continuous improvement of quality, is an inseparable part of our corporate policy.

Within the framework of the environmental management system, we are committed to protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution. We want to avoid negative environmental impacts. This is done by planning and evaluating the environmental impact of individual and overall processes, as well as monitoring all environmentally relevant process parameters and efficiently controlling any deviations.

Continuous improvement is achieved through ecologically oriented actions and ongoing analyses of weak points in products, organized procedures and processes. All ecological requirements are evaluated with suppliers, customers, contractual partners, authorities and employees and taken into account appropriately in our actions. An open and objective dialog is maintained with fellow citizens and the public, which takes into account our comprehensive ecological responsibility.

We are committed to both preventing and mitigating any negative health, safety and environmental impacts as part of the continuous improvement process and

  • commit ourselves to continuous improvement,
  • commit ourselves to the relevant legal requirements, as well as other regulations and requirements in question and to follow up on them,
  • implement the best practices,
  • Demonstrate systematic avoidance, mitigation and elimination of risk consistent with sound business practices and procedures,
  • Reduce and minimize waste, wastewater, emissions and the pollution risks arising from these,
  • reduce material, energy and water consumption,
  • Encourage employee participation and support training and provide other assistance to help health, occupational safety and environmental protection goals to reach,
  • provide mechanisms for the transfer of technology and solutions, across its business, customers and suppliers,
  • Evaluate, monitor and review performance and environmental aspects of new projects,
  • communicate its policies, standards and guidelines in an open and effective manner. This includes all persons working for Lufapak GmbH as well as those working on behalf of Lufapak GmbH,
  • Develop and implement agreed upon product and manufacturing technologies.
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