Pick and Pack warehousing & logistics

The efficient picking of products directly in the warehouse for small to medium orders using the Pick and Pack process.

Pick and pack is the term for the picking of shipping packages. Normally, in pick and pack, the goods are first retrieved from the warehouse and then packed into the packages. But in pick pack, the goods are packed into a package directly from the shelf. This saves a lot of time and allows for faster packing.

When all items have been picked, the delivery bill is signed with the quantity and the package is sealed. This way the goods are ready for shipment and can be shipped faster. This is also the reason for this type of packing. With Pick & Pack a lot of time is saved, because one can save one work step. In this time gained, one can already pack further packages and increase the turnover in the warehouse = reduce costs.

However, this procedure is not suitable for larger orders. Here, the error rate would be too high, as no further control takes place. For large orders, therefore, the pick-and-pack process is not usually used. In such cases, the goods are first retrieved from the warehouse in the traditional way and then packed and picked at the packing table. Further information on classic picking.

Your advantages with Lufapaks Pick & Pack warehousing:

  • No separate packaging necessary
  • Reduction of shipping costs due to faster processing
  • Parallel picking
  • Optimized processes and cost reduction
  • Increased flexibility in processing customer orders
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