Spare parts warehouse, spare parts management & spare parts logistics

Reliable, effective and fast – spare parts management and logistics for industrial companies of all kinds and the automotive industry with external spare parts warehouse and supply chain.

When a machine breaks down in a company due to a malfunction or defect, every minute of downtime costs money. Efficient spare parts management can limit the damage to production and prevent further downtime. This is where Lufapak demonstrates its qualities as a spare parts warehouse provider and spare parts logistician for industrial companies, quickly eliminating damage and breakdowns while reducing costs. But also in the field of automotive spare parts for vehicles of all kinds, spare parts logistics must be reliable, fast and efficient. Our service also includes integrated maintenance and spare parts logistics from a single source.

Spare parts management and efficient spare parts logistics for industrial companies

Main advantages of professional spare parts logistics with warehouse management and fufillment

  • No inventory investment
  • Conversion of fixed costs into variable costs
  • No capital commitment
  • Personnel risk is shifted to Lufapak
  • Very good transport prices
  • Tailor-made solutions with synergy effects
  • Reduction or optimization of fixed costs
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Lufapak adapts to your growth
  • High qualification in all logistic areas
  • B2B or B2C equally
  • Comprehensive logistics and transport solutions
  • Expansion of the offer
  • Further development of your business strategy
  • Marketing & expansion to other countries

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Your external spare parts warehouse with active management and logistics from a single source

Spare parts management before the sale

  • Material planning and procurement
  • Capacity planning
  • Inbound transportation
  • Value added services for cost optimization and sales increase
  • Pre-assembly / pre-picking
  • Set formation / kitting
  • Variant management and assembly
  • Interface management
  • Reporting and optimization
  • Storage of ET and trade goods in the Multiclient Warehouse

This is followed by scaling, optimization, creation of new policies to enter new markets.

After-sales spare parts management & logistics

  • Order acceptance
  • Warehousing (availability)
  • Order picking / franking / labeling
  • Packing
  • Worldwide shipping and transport
  • Invoicing / Reminder
  • Returns management
  • Spare parts supply
  • Repair & Assembly
  • Disposal and returns
  • Customer care
  • Sanction control

Incoming goods inspection

  • 100% on quality
  • Optional on quantity
  • Random / Skip lot
  • 4 eyes principle
  • Weighing


  • Storage space optimized
  • High rack
  • Small parts
  • Euro pallets
  • Industrial pallets
  • Block storage

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Materials Management
  • Spare parts management
  • Perpetual inventory/key date inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Re-stocking

Kitting & Assembly Services

  • Parts list management
  • Component availability check
  • Management of customer priorities
  • Reliable statements about completion time
  • Individual customer support
  • Assembly of repair and service kits
  • Pre-packaging 1:1 packaging if required directly after goods receipt
  • Assembly and printing
  • Display assembly and display mounting

Labeling & Picking

  • Procurement of labels with and without layout
  • Individual data printing
  • Design of individual labels
  • Labeling of goods according to individual customer specifications
  • Dispatch of unpacked goods – Labeling of unpacked goods during picking by means of a wireless printer

Packing / Packaging

  • Packing
  • Transport security
  • Customized packaging
  • Standard packaging
  • Customized specifications
  • Packaging development

Logistics Optimizations & Outgoing Goods

  • Outgoing goods / Admin
  • Label
  • Send
  • Advice note
  • Claim Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Invoice verification
  • Single item check
  • Complaints
  • Prepayment
  • Optimization


  • Forwarders
  • Pallet
  • Package
  • Export processing
  • Customs clearance
  • Shipping documents
  • Tracking data
  • Status requests
  • Interfaces to various transport service providers
  • Late pickup times
  • Through integrated transportation management and partnerships with a variety of leading transportation logistics providers, Lufapak can meet every customer shipping need

Returns management

  • Processing and optimization
  • Professional disposal
  • Interactive communication via database
  • Customer return
  • Quality control
  • Communication exchange via database
  • Rework/ New
  • Packing of the return

= Everything within 24 hours


Other advantages of the professional management and logistics of spare parts by Lufapak

  • Maximum flexibility through multi-client location
  • Capacity requirements per activity and client are recalculated every second!
  • Projections day / month

System interfaces

  • Web Service
  • FDP
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • BPCS
  • EDI / VDA
  • CSV / Excel
  • Transporters
  • and much more

Standardized communication: Shipping orders, shipping notification, vendor master, item master -> shipped, ready to ship, inventory, goods receipt -> multi sales channels: webshop 1, webshop 2, eBay, Amazon etc.

Aftersales services at “best in class” level in international comparison

Technical and commercial after-sales services, e.g. spare parts supply, maintenance and repair services, management services, as well as the fastest possible availability of a wide range of products with low inventory turnover

  • Pre-sales services
  • Pricing strategy
  • Inventory optimization
  • Post-purchase guarantee
  • Availability and material planning
  • Spare parts supply
  • OE spare parts
  • Merchandise
  • Alternative spare parts
  • Workshop network
  • Delivery conditions
  • Customer service
  • Brand loyalty
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    Reliable spare parts management, spare parts management and integrated maintenance and spare parts logistics

    Hardly any logistics segment is as demanding as spare parts logistics. It requires well thought-out and customized solutions for the storage and distribution of spare parts to ensure that sufficient quantities of spare parts are available at all times. Efficient spare parts management systematizes and structures the handling of spare parts. This is the prerequisite for day-to-day warehouse management that optimizes availability and keeps capital expenditure within reasonable limits. This is all the more important because spare parts consumption is sometimes subject to changing demand. Here in particular, a coordinated and well-stocked inventory is of utmost importance in order to keep costs under control.

    Because without modern maintenance, there is no reliable automated production. Therefore, it makes sense for many reasons to outsource spare parts management to an experienced, external service provider like Lufapak. Modern machinery in industrial production is so complex and specified that storing large wear parts at the place of use would be uneconomical due to the technology and the immense space required.

    Here, the fulfillment service provider acts as a spare parts manager, as an interface between the supplier and the point of use. At Lufapak, the spare parts are delivered, recorded and stored and can be retrieved there within a very short time. If necessary, Lufapak also takes care of the assembly of the individual components, so that in an emergency they arrive at the damage site ready for use and without further delay. Modern software and real-time inventory management ensure that the overview of the inventory always corresponds to the actual state.

    Customers have the certainty that their spare parts management is fast, professional and economically secured. They can rest assured that spare parts supply is also guaranteed in terms of delivery times and logistics performance. Safety stocks, which have long been the norm, are now a thing of the past. This applies not only to standard parts but also, if necessary, to custom-made products. Another advantage of Lufapak as spare parts manager is that the complete logistic and administrative handling is also taken over.

    For this complex system of spare parts logistics to function, a valid determination of the demand for spare parts is required so that damage repair can be realistically forecast without tying up capital unnecessarily by keeping too many spare parts on hand. This also applies to the area of after-sales logistics. Here, customers expect that the technology sold will also guarantee them a sustainable supply of spare parts.

    The organization and management of a spare parts warehouse entails special requirements: many references must be accurately recorded and managed, and the parts can range from very small to large. This is challenging, especially when parts sometimes differ only in details and are not marked. It then becomes apparent that accurate inventory information is the decisive prerequisite for a low error rate. Since spare parts are often needed at short notice, quick access must be possible. At Lufapak, a sophisticated warehouse management system and personnel trained in warehouse and industrial requirements are intertwined for this purpose.

    The collection and provision of spare parts is not the end of the story: in order for this spare parts logistics to work, Lufapak also takes care of the assembly, if necessary, so that the required workpiece arrives at its destination ready for immediate use. The assembly, packaging, labeling and shipping of the spare parts is also in one hand at Lufapak.

    In this way, the company has been working with premium manufacturers from the mechanical engineering and automotive industries for years. They know that Lufapak, as an experienced fulfillment service provider, plays a decisive role in not only minimizing costs, time and effort, but also offers quality at the highest level at the same time.

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