Transport management & cost optimization for shipping and storage

Supply chain management (SCM), transport company, and logistics service provider since 1998

Take advantage of our optimized transport management, which today has a lot of complex tasks to fulfill. Thanks to our intelligent transport management system and the software, we have optimized the entire process in order to achieve the best results. We take into account the various global markets and their aspects, and we continue to work on an improved implementation of all logistics management tasks within the framework of our fulfillment services in Germany and England (UK).

Our transport management planning is extremely comprehensive and efficient. We have global business relationships to benefit from the best opportunities and to achieve maximum cost optimization. We monitor the global markets and their development trends in order to provide you with excellent transport and logistics management at all times.

From the small company, the start-up to the international large corporation, many companies are now putting the transport management processes into the hands of a fulfillment professional like us.

We have been able to significantly improve our shipping and storage of goods over the past few years. Especially in the area of cost optimization for dispatch and warehouse, we have perfected our system, software and management ever further, so that we can manage very large quantities in our over 20,000 sqm warehouse.

Our transport management organization is very flexible and also meets customer requirements. Despite our good cost optimization, we have retained a great deal of flexibility and have the right solution for every situation. Our transport management is also characterized by high security and transparency. You can always access all the current data for your transport orders. Tracking is possible at any time.

Since all the processes are coordinated from one source through our transport management system, an optimal coordination of all processes is ensured. With our intelligent warehouse storage system, all stocks can be checked in real-time, which greatly simplifies our storage processes and picking. All further information can be called up at any time, so that at all times full transparency is given. Take advantage of our supply-chain management and the recommendation on warehouse logistics to store and ship at low cost. We are your logistics service provider that advises with personality, stores and ships. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the subject of ecommerce-fullfillment.

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