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So that every online order arrives safely and quickly with your customer. Fulfillment from the professional with years of experience.

Our e-commerce-fullfillment ranges from order processing to worldwide shipping to return management. You sell, we do the rest.

Our services for online retailers open up new capacities for your core business and help you lead your online store to success without having to deal with the problem of shipping goods. We ensure that customers receive the ordered goods quickly, correctly commissioned, and packaged nicely.

The basis for this is the smooth interaction of our systems and your online shop. Through the use of barcodes, we keep the number of returns to an absolute minimum.

Similar to the well-known scanning at the point of sale, our approach is particularly helpful for smaller online retailers selling similar products in smaller numbers. Each part is scanned during shipment, ensuring that the correct product has been selected in the desired quantity.

Your products do not have a barcode? No problem – we provide you with a barcode system.

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Parts of our e-business services and the actual e-commerce service are our IT system in cooperation with dreamrobot.

You will receive from us:

  • Supply chain solutions for every company size
  • Professional software solutions
  • Smooth interface connections
  • 24-hour online access to our systems
  • Barcode printing service
Let us advise you without any obligation and use the service around warehouse, dispatch and logistics

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    We ask for your understanding that we can not issue individual prices or price lists as our activity prices are based on your quantities. We calculate each request individually based on these values, which you can transfer to us via questionnaire at questionnaire. We therefore ask you to refrain from sending us pure price inquiries via email.

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    Lufapak – The eFulfillment Service for your successful online shop

    At a time when business models and customer demand are changing dynamically and constantly evolving, online store logistics must be convincing. Customer satisfaction sets new standards for the success of a webshop and can only be guaranteed by an efficient and secure shipping and logistics strategy. Therefore, we at Lufapak support start-ups as well as online stores of all sizes with our eFulfilment. The eCommerce fulfillment consists not only of the generous storage space, but also of the fulfillment service of the experienced employees, who ensure the smooth picking, packing and packaging. Our eCommerce logistics impresses with its constantly optimized IT infrastructure, which supports and integrates many interfaces of the online stores. Another advantage of our eFulfillment is the cooperation with valuable partners who perfect our shipping service and deliver your goods to the right place at the right time. After sales service rounds out our eFulfilment and generates loyal and satisfied customers for you.

    Fulfillment services for start-up and established online shops

    At Lufapak, we offer eFulfillment services to help you get started with your own online business. After all, the costly process of renting a warehouse and keeping stock can be complicated and revenue-diminishing in the beginning. As an e-commerce service provider, we understand these difficulties and promote your revenue maximization with our fulfillment service. Our start-up friendly eFulfillment benefits from our billing method that provides you with a fair and transparent price breakdown at all times. We charge for our eFulfilment only for the work actually done or you pay only per activity. With our eFulfilment we help already established webshops to more cost control and larger storage capacities. Our fulfillment services can be used for by outsourcing some ecommerce logistics or shipping areas, or used as a complete supply chain solution. In doing so, e Commerce Fulfillment will take care of quality control from receiving to warehousing to shipping and returns management every step of the way for you, with full access to our IT system and goods tracking.

    eFulfillment, the warehousing options for your online retail business

    Lufapak’s fulfillment service has decades of experience in shipping as well as logistics, and our all-inclusive eFulfilment guarantees reliable and customized solutions that can make your online store competitive. For small parts, our e Commerce Logistic offer of “binning” is the ideal storage method to save time as well as costs. The small parts warehouse is especially suitable for the fulfillment service in the area of stationery, cell phone accessories, cosmetics as well as clothing, books and small electrical items. The clear advantages of this online store fulfillment are in contrast to the pallet rack in the faster as well as more accurate picking by hand, the rapid dispatch processing as well as the possibility of same day shipping.

    As an e-commerce service provider, we work flexibly and adapt the eFulfillment to your online business. The fulfillment service convinces with customized eFulfilment which can include the offer of “Kitting”. Where we create custom packaging of products for you, assemble sets for your customers, and even assemble parts and apply special labels upon request.

    The benefits of online store fulfillment in omni- and multi-channel distribution

    With the right e fulfillment strategy, omni-channel retailing is also easier than ever with us as your e-commerce service provider. The use of many sales channels and the constant expansion of the customer base can become new and exciting challenges. Growing online stores can present themselves on all online marketplaces thanks to our mature and proven eCommerce Logistic, while maintaining customer satisfaction. For eFulfillment, our innovative in-house software cooperates with almost all APIs, allowing our fulfillment service to support the sale of your goods from your own online store to Amazon, Ebay and the retail store. Lufapak’s eFulfilment acts professionally and conscientiously from order to picking to shipping. Due to the optimal eFulfillment interfaces with shipping service providers, payment and store systems, e Commerce Fulfillment is the ideal choice to establish your online store worldwide. Use our e Fulfilment service for a more relaxed as well as unified customer as well as returns service and enjoy increased customer satisfaction while you can devote your time to your core business.

    eFulfilment from Lufapak, the ideal partner for your shipping needs

    As an e-commerce service provider, we design the online store logistics optimally tailored to your product and combine several services in the fulfillment service to offer you the perfect complete package. This starts with e Commerce Logistic, which uses a sophisticated barcode system for eFulfillment to log every movement of your goods, ensuring correct picking and packing. This way, a low return rate can be achieved by using our fulfillment services for small or large quantities. With the help of our eCommerce fulfillment, you can ship your products worldwide at premium rates without losing sight of them. As part of our fulfillment services, we take care of customs and transportation, so with eFulfilment you are insured and well advised across borders.

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