Subassembly assembly – professional assembly of subassemblies

Our experienced specialist personnel will take over all assembly of subassemblies for you. According to your needs and from the first to the last production step.

Using Lufapak for optimized assembly of your products

A smooth assembly process is essential for the successful production of products. This is where we at Lufapak come in, as we can provide optimized sub-assembly for your products. Our company uses the latest technologies to assemble sub-assemblies quickly and accurately. Thanks to Lufapak’s many years of experience in this field, customers can be confident that their assemblies will be assembled professionally and in a timely manner. This enables companies to optimize their production processes and achieve greater efficiency. In summary, contracting Lufapak for their sub-assembly assemblies is an excellent choice to ensure a smooth flow in the production of their products.

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Assembly of components for all kinds of products

Fashion & Shoes

T-shirts / hoodies / sportswear / motorcycle clothing / shoes / boots / sneakers etc.

Technology & Electrical

Cell phone accessories / small appliances / electr. toothbrushes / radios / speakers / USB sticks etc.

Sports & Recreation

Sports equipment / skipping ropes / yoga mats / sportswear / life jackets / fitness etc.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Perfume / cosmetics / lip care / make-up utensils / creams etc. with minimum half-life tracking and batch tracking


Spare parts for motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. from small parts to whole axles and components.

Jewelry & Accessories

Earrings / scarves / caps / watches / handbags / bracelets / necklaces / crossbags / work bags / backpacks

Books & Media Products

Books / Schoolbooks / Audiobooks / Catalogs / CD’s / DVD / Blue Ray / Blueray player etc.

Non-fresh food

Cans / oils / beverage cans / nutritional supplements (supplements) in bags etc. with minimum shelf life tracking and batch tracking

Household goods / Garden items & Deco

Cleaning utensils (sponges, etc.) / buckets / brooms / scrubbing brushes / detergents / gardening items / candlesticks, etc.


Children’s toys / board games / outdoor toys / pencil cases / school bags / model making etc.

Advantages of our component assembly for our customers

  • Reduction of throughput and lead times in assembly, as well as in shipping, and better lead times in assembly Increase of the
  • Increasing the degree of automation in production/assembly
  • Reduction of idle times in production/assembly
  • Time-saving handling (safer use of similar parts and elimination of search times)
  • Reduced inventory costs through integrated support in storage, assembly & logistics
  • Reduced warehousing costs due to lower own space requirements
  • Reduced transportation to point of use (Elimination of multiple transportation costs)
  • Savings in packaging material and waste
  • Prevention of production bottlenecks
  • Availability of critical components/parts
  • Increase in quality rates or reduction in defect rates
  • Securing products against damage by packaging
  • Only one order and one invoice
  • Kit formation and set packaging protect products also e.g. painted surfaces
  • Increase in turnover through flexible handling and product advantages through set turnover
  • Increase in the number of variants with simultaneous reduction in inventory and freight costs for sea containers and freight (air freight)
  • Less effort and increase in production efficiency through pre-production of kits
  • In the case of different kits with the same parts, sub-assemblies can be formed which are prefabricated and then flow into different kits as one component
  • Automatic inventory posting via parts lists
  • Automatic replenishment orders for kits through our WMS to ensure availability
  • Improved marketing through promotions with specific product sets or displays

The basics of subassembly

Subassembly assembly is a fundamental element in the manufacturing of products and equipment. In subassembly, individual parts are joined together to form a larger unit. This method optimizes work processes, reduces costs and minimizes errors. Subassembly assembly is essential in many industries such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or the automotive industry. It is important that subassembly assembly is carried out precisely and correctly. Faulty or improper subassembly assembly can lead to malfunctions, accidents or even production downtime. To avoid this, it is advisable to call in professional subassembly assembly service providers for Lufapak.

Maximize efficiency and reduce time for group assembly with an external service provider

If you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your subassembly assemblies while saving time, consider working with an outside service provider. Through such cooperation, you can achieve greater flexibility and increased expertise, which can contribute to higher quality subassembly assemblies. We, as an external service provider, can speed up assembly processes and shorten manufacturing times due to our experience and specialized equipment, which ultimately has a positive impact on your business. By outsourcing subassembly assembly, you can also focus on your core competencies and save time and resources.

Achieve better results when assembling subassemblies with Lufapak

Assembling subassemblies can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially when done manually. But with Lufapak, you can achieve better results while saving resources and money. We specialize in the assembly of subassemblies and offer a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced staff ensures that all assemblies are carefully and efficiently assembled to optimize product quality and allow for quick time to market.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your assembly needs.

Maximize productivity by reducing time with Lufapak for group assembly

Assembly of subassemblies is an important step in many production processes. The efficiency of these assembly processes often depends on the speed at which the assemblies can be assembled. Lufapak has developed a solution that increases productivity in group assembly by reducing the time required. By using specialized systems and processes, assemblies can be assembled quickly and easily. This allows companies to maximize productivity while improving assembly quality. Assembly of subassemblies remains an important task in production, but with Lufapak, companies can ensure that it is done as efficiently as possible.

The cost-benefit ratio of assembly by Lufapak

Subassembly assembly by Lufapak has proven time and time again that it offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. As a company based in Germany, we specialize in subassembly assembly and work closely with our customers to meet their unique requirements and needs. Subassembly assemblies include a variety of components, often manufactured in different locations. Lufapak brings these components together and assembles them into a functional assembly. The benefits of sub-assembly by Lufapak are numerous: short lead times, high quality, efficient production and ultimately cost savings for you, the customer. Overall, assembly by Lufapak is an excellent choice for companies that need high quality, complex assemblies and want to save costs at the same time.

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