Warehouse, logistics and fulfillment services from one source in Germany and England (UK)

For decades, Lufapak has offered tailor-made solutions for efficient warehousing and reliable logistics in Europe with worldwide shipping. As a fulfillment provider with a large warehouse in Neuwied near Frankfurt am Main and locations in Germany as well as the UK, comprehensive supply chain solutions can be developed and implemented with us.
  • Incoming goods
  • Quality control
  • Unpacking and Repacking
  • Storage
  • Commissioning
  • Packing for shipping
  • Returns management
Special Services
  • Reloading / Decanting
  • Customer service
  • JIT-delivery
  • Callback actions (batch tracking)
  • Stock consolidation
  • Cross Docking
  • Empties Management
  • Disposal and scrap actions
  • Kitting Service (Pre-shipping assembly services)
  • Rework activities
  • Assembling
  • Label Creation
  • Materials Management/supply chain management
eCommerce Fulfilment
  • Fulfillment services for online retailer and shops of all sizes
  • Professional e-Commerce logistics
  • In-house IT- service
  • Connection shop to warehouse management system (API, EDI, CSV-files)
  • Logistics management
  • Handling of transport orders
  • Connection to numerous freight companies
  • Order processing fulfilment
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Parcel & more
  • Customs services (only Export)

Lufapak Fulfillment – what makes us so special

  • Customized processes for each individual customer
  • Personal care
  • Warehouse in Germany and UK
  • 20 years of warehouse / logistics experience
  • In-house IT-Support
  • We like to work with start-ups
  • Central location –> Can be delivered in all directions at the same speed
  • Proximity to airport Cologne /Düsseldorf /Frankfurt
  • We optimize the entire supply chain for our customers
  • Experienced and motivations employees with an average affiliation of 10.5 years
  • Wide network of partners for e-commerce services
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Lufapak is your full-service fulfillment provider from Germany for worldwide storage, logistics and management of shipping and returns of all kinds to efulfilment.

A good fulfillment today, must be able to convince through many different tasks. The various markets are constantly changing and have to adapt to new demands and trends. In addition, the increasingly complex tasks of a fulfillment service provider, which takes over the entire process after ordering in your online shop or in the mail-order business. The outsourcing of logistics brings many benefits to your company, as the entire fulfillment service and the warehousing are carried out with the latest technology and optimized working methods. This saves time, nerves and costs.

An order of your goods will be automatically transmitted to us and everything else will be arranged. With our decades of experience in fulfillment, we have designed the various processes as economically and efficiently as possible. New technologies and aspirations are taken up by us and our way of working is always a little ahead of time, in order not only to satisfy everyone who is involved, but also to inspire through our service.

You can store your goods flexibly with us. The storage of goods in small parts or pallet storage depends on the quantity, volume and weight of the respective parts to be stored. We are happy to meet your individual needs and provide you with an efficient solution. We also gladly take over the container loading and unloading as well as the storage and shipping of bulky goods.

In addition to our warehouse space, we also have a large production area where we can reliably carry out your assembly work or kit building with our professional team and support of the latest technology. Particularly companies from the automotive sector like to cooperate with us. Our production steps begin with the assembly of the smallest components and assemblies and extend to the completion of the product.

In addition to our assembly service, we also have a professional service for the assembly of your goods, from sample development to blanking to packaging, and everything is made by one hand.

Packaging your goods is possible with all products and packing materials. Of course we also take over the repackaging or bundling of consignments. We handle all special requests and, for example, create an individual greeting card for the shipment and attach the delivery note.

In addition to normal packaging and labeling, we also undertake re-labeling or special labeling. Supported by the latest IT technology, all consignments are scanned and monitored continuously. Due to our transparency, each step of the process is comprehensible and you are always informed about the current status and whereabouts of your packages (tracking). It is therefore also possible to monitor the current inventory at any time, repeat orders or other tasks can be carried out automatically.

Whether you are using our cross-docking service for an immediate forwarding of your goods, processing your goods, or just storing them, there is no way around our quality check before shipping, so that the final consumer is guaranteed to receive a faultless product. The packaging, content and quality are always checked according to customer specifications.

We do not only offer fast and punctual EU shipping, but can also send packages worldwide. As a fulfillment service provider, we also take over the entire logistics for foreign importers.

Our experts are experienced in all customs regulations. Each country has different requirements and a few customs forms have to be filed for each product so that a correct value determination and possible fees can be calculated.

We can send your package cheaply and have the support of our DK Group partners in the UK (UK), which can give us very good prices thanks to our long-term cooperation and the large order volume. Our transport management is always punctual and flexible and scores with the most up-to-date and efficient operation. A shipment within or to England is not a problem before and after the Brexit.

If the normal shipping of the goods by land is not fast enough, you can use our express shipping. The parcels arrive per airmail at their destination as quickly as possible. Customs processing and commercial invoices are no problem for us because we know the legal situation and ensure reliable logistics.

After successful delivery of the shipment, the process does not necessarily have to be over. If the customer is not satisfied and would like to return the goods or use customer service, you can rely entirely on our service. The returns and resulting controls are handled by us very differently and reliably depending on the customer. The return management is one of our strengths because of qualified employees.

Our customer service can assume all tasks and work as our own call center. Payments can be collected on an individual bank account. We offer your customers a comprehensive service tailored to your requirements.

Our IT ensures an efficient integration of your websites or order data and is available to you for all questions regarding e-commerce and efullfilment. We also gladly provide data storage and other IT services. You can access your secured data externally at any time, without the need for large infrastructure and high costs.

The entire fulfillment can be optimally coordinated from a single source. Effective processes and trained personnel guarantee a reliable execution of your orders. Your company benefits from our modern infrastructure and work practices and can save you money on outsourcing, as different costs, such as maintenance are shared among all customers. Let us convince you of our reliable and uncomplicated way of working and visit us soon in Neuwied near Frankfurt.

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