Contract Packer & Contract Packing Service (Copacking)

As a contract packer with fulfillment background, we offer individual contract packing service, assembly services, kitting, set-building etc. as copacking.

Particularly in the face of increasing competition, outsourcing individual production steps creates additional flexibility as well as financial and organizational leeway. Contract packaging and co-packing are particularly suitable for this purpose. It is crucial to be able to rely on a reliable and efficient partner for this outsourcing. With its many years of experience, Lufapak guarantees innovative and high-quality contract packaging and specialized co-packing solutions for almost all durable products. Lufapak’s range of services as a contract packer includes not only the decanting and portioning of products, but also their professional preparation, as well as for distribution and sales, including labeling, banding and packaging.

Contract packing & co-packing

As a company, you have built up a good reputation on the market and numerous satisfied customers. You can expand this potential even further by outsourcing work steps that are not necessarily part of your core competencies and thus cause avoidable costs. Thus, outsourcing packaging work to a competent and reliable service provider for contract packaging and CoPacking such as Lufapak equalizes and optimizes the internal workflow. After all, packaging, storing, assembling, finishing and shipping goods of products are not only labor-intensive services, they also require additional machinery to be purchased and maintained.

As a contract packer, Lufapak not only has this specialized technology available on call, we also offer the qualified and specialized professionals to cover the full service spectrum around contract packaging and co-packing at the highest level. This specialization enables an attractive price with maximum quality.

Contract packing pays off for customers immediately: Through re-packing, they save avoidable fixed costs for machines and reduce expenses for their own personnel. As a result, there is no need to maintain additional expensive space for packaging work. In processing, risks are shifted to the service provider, and it is also possible to react flexibly to order peaks.

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Germany-wide contract packing & co-packing from professionals since 1998

Our contract packaging work is not regionally limited. You send us the goods to Neuwied, we pack and return Germany / Worldwide. The delivery times within Germany are mostly the same, no matter if 50km or 500km. Lufapak will gladly take care of the complete transport at favorable conditions.


Without packaging, your product cannot reach the customer. In this work step at the end of the production chain, the goods output is sorted, structured and assembled for the end buyer, exactly as required by the customer and client. Depending on the product, this process involves a wide variety of measures, ranging from the simple filling and repackaging of shelf-stable goods to the assembly and production of complex components. Other frequently booked packaging modules include quality control, corrections and other rework, cleaning and labeling, as well as the application of necessary markings. In all these processes Lufapak stands for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

These include pick & pack order picking, among others.


Packaging development

In addition to packaging services, Lufapak also offers the necessary expertise and creativity for successful packaging, according to the specific requirements for your product. Either Lufapak already has the right packaging with closure and fastening material for your task or we find and develop it. The general conditions such as the logistics chain are taken into account as well as the specific requirements of the product. This ensures that the individual packaging solution offers the product the best possible protection, while at the same time being optimally cost-efficient. A close exchange with the customer is a matter of course, as is the sustainability of the product and compliance with all legal requirements and specifications. The end result is always a packaging solution that is successful in every respect and offers the best possible cost-benefit ratio.

Warehouse management

External warehouse management provides clients with freedom, both in terms of space and liquidity. Lufapak has sufficient capacity to store your unpacked goods and products economically and properly. By storing directly at the service provider, you also speed up the further processing planned there and avoid taking up capacity needed in-house. The “time” factor also speaks in favor of warehousing at Lufapak: sophisticated warehouse management software, specialized staff and modern storage areas ensure that incoming orders are processed, packaged and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible. Thanks to this reliable and precise order processing, money also arrives faster to clients.

The range of possible contract packaging services is wide

Blister packs and all-plastic packaging, for example, enable optimum product presentation combined with efficient theft protection. Combinations of blister and cardboard are also possible, optionally with Euro perforation and viewing window. The blister card can be printed on both sides. In any case, the result is high-quality and visually appealing packaging for numerous products and applications.

Bagging involves packing products in a tubular bag film, which is then cut to size and sealed. Bag packaging is not only inexpensive and secure, it is also particularly suitable for compact products that need to be presented in the best possible way. Because in the pouch, customers can examine these products extensively from all sides without having to unpack them first.

For all orders for packaging, sample sets are formed exclusively by trained foremen, which serve as a reference copy.

We work with parts lists throughout, on which the components and packaging materials, as well as important notes are listed. Thus, all orders are controlled and processed consistently.

For new projects, the final product is discussed with the customer and a project team implements the requirements.

  • Shrink
    Shrink film
    is often used when it is necessary to assemble and bundle set packaging or to additionally secure cardboard packaging. It can be processed by machine and ensures an airtight seal of the goods, thus best protection against moisture and dust.
  • Sleeving
    is the optimal and cost-effective solution when two or more products are sold together and are not yet to be opened at the point of sale. Particularly proven for products such as shampoos or cosmetics, which are connected with a transparent film.
  • Skin packing
    Skin packaging
    combines cost-effective protection of the product with an attractive visual presentation. Added to this is the enormous variety: this concept fits products made of almost all materials. These are then not only visible, but touchable – and yet at the same time protected against dust and hand perspiration.
  • Labeling
    Machine and manual solutions are possible for labeling. The range of applications is endless, including small batches and the wrap-around labeling of bottles and other containers.
  • Confection & Shipping
    When it comes to packing, we make sure that your products are sent on their way to the customer as desired, and as quickly and as cheaply as possible. With complete handling by Lufapak, clients save time and money.
  • Assembly service & contract manufacturing
    In order to optimize this effect, Lufapak offers itself as a partner in the outsourcing of assembly work and packaging, the favorable alternative to permanently reduce costs, optimize processes and cushion production peaks.

Fashion & Shoes

T-shirts / hoodies / sportswear / motorcycle clothing / shoes / boots / sneakers etc.

Technology & Electrical

Cell phone accessories / small appliances / electr. toothbrushes / radios / speakers / USB sticks etc.

Sports & Recreation

Sports equipment / skipping ropes / yoga mats / sportswear / life jackets / fitness etc.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Perfume / cosmetics / lip care / make-up utensils / creams etc. with minimum shelf life tracking and batch tracking


Spare parts for motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. from small parts to whole axles and components

Jewelry & Accessories

Earrings / scarves / caps / watches / handbags / bracelets / necklaces / crossbags / work bags / backpacks

Books & Media Products

Books / Schoolbooks / Audiobooks / Catalogs / CD’s / DVD / Blue Ray / Blueray player etc.

Non-fresh food

Cans / oils / beverage cans / nutritional supplements (supplements) in bags etc. with minimum shelf life tracking and batch tracking

Housewares / Garden Items & Deco

Cleaning utensils (sponges, etc.) / buckets / brooms / scrubbing brushes / detergents / gardening items / candlesticks, etc.


Children’s toys / board games / outdoor toys / pencil cases / school bags / model making etc.

Examples of co packing and contract work:

  • Set-Building eCommerce
  • Pack 3 lipsticks together in a set, in a nice package
  • Pack razor and shaving foam together in a nice package
  • Assembly services
  • Assemble radiant heater
  • Assemble wheels on skateboards
  • Action packing
  • Anniversary packing
  • Packing goods in e.g. summer edition
  • Packing Christmas promotions, goods with company logo
  • Putting together promotional gifts (spices and mortar to a set)
  • Advent calendar filling (not with chocolate)
  • Pre-packaging
  • Packing unpacked goods in transport packaging
  • Packing articles that consist of several components into a sales set
  • Labeling
  • Sales packaging
  • Goods that are sent unpacked are packed in a nice sales package.
  • Automotive parts arriving from the manufacturer in bulk are packed for sale shelves.
  • Watches are packed in cases and a sales packaging
  • Children’s toys + instructions are packed in nice packaging
  • Kitting
  • Automotive – packing repair kits together
  • Display construction (setting up displays and stocking them with promotional merchandise)
    • Table displays
    • Shelf displays
    • Stand displays

Materials we process:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic / synthetic
  • Paper / Cardboard
  • Fabrics
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    Contract Packing – at Lufapak you get professional and reliable service

    Almost every company has certain logistic processes that are needed to run the business. Especially the trade with goods is connected with many time-consuming processes. This includes the packing of goods. With the help of a contract packing partner like Lufapak, you can outsource all logistic processes and thus focus on your core business in a better way. By enlisting professional help, you can have your orders completed worry-free and no longer need to worry about any logistics issues. With Lufapak’s Co Packing service offering, you benefit from the extensive expertise of our specialists. If you need assistance with the final packaging of your products, you can make use of our contract packers. No matter what industry you are in, we will provide you with first-class and reliable service. We will make sure that you meet your set quality standards and prepare your products for smooth transportation.

    Co Packing definition and how you can optimize your internal processes with our help

    When goods are prepared for onward transport, a wide variety of processes are carried out that can be handled by a co-packing service provider. Basically, contract packing is a term used in fulfillment. Co-packers are subcontractors who work on behalf of a manufacturing company. The services provided relate to the repackaging and final packaging of manufacturer goods or raw material imports. If required, a contract packer can also take over upstream or downstream process steps. With the help of this method, companies can minimize or virtually eliminate their in-house logistics effort. To ensure that your goods are made ready for transport according to your requirements, trust in the chosen partner is crucial. Lufapak places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and precise work in order to provide reliable service at all times. Let us convince you of our expertise in the field of co-packing and let us advise you on our services.

    Co Packer Germany ensure the fulfillment of your quality standards

    Co Packing is recommended in many circumstances for all companies in a wide range of industries. When packing goods, it is especially important to do a precise and high-quality job. Especially for items that will be distributed directly to customers, quality assurance is an important factor. Our contract packers work with precision and are therefore able to maintain your company standards in terms of quality. In this way, companies can strengthen a brand image and achieve customer satisfaction. Quality control therefore plays an essential role, which we always fulfill as part of our contract packing services. We will be happy to advise you on our range of services in a consultation, while at the same time making sure what your requirements are. Our customer-oriented approach, coupled with years of expertise, enables us to deliver first-class results. Lufapak’s contract packaging service ensures that your processes run professionally and reliably.

    Save and target resources with co-packing services from Lufapak

    A particularly big advantage of a contract packing service is the increase in efficiency. Smaller companies in particular often do not have the funds to waste on logistics processes. Packaging not only costs precious time but valuable resources that could otherwise be used elsewhere. A contract packer has the necessary know-how to efficiently perform the repackaging or final packaging of goods. By using our experienced co-packers, processes can be made fast and professional. Through co-packing, processes can be optimized during packaging. Due to our high level of expertise, we can provide you with the best possible advice and services to meet your expectations. Outsource your processes to a co-packing service provider and let the professionals do the work for you! We will meet your requirements quickly, professionally and with precision. Find out more about the possible services in an initial consultation.

    Copackers help you focus on your core business

    If you want to focus your resources, outsourcing logistics tasks to a copacker is highly recommended. At Lufapak, we specialize in packing goods and can be of great help to you. By outsourcing your processes, you free up valuable resources. Especially time and personnel are crucial factors, which can be used for other purposes. When you choose Contract Packing, you take a decisive step towards the success of your company. By freeing up your resources, you can focus on your core business and use those resources wisely. While you take care of your company’s growth, we keep your logistics processes running. In this way, we help to ensure that your goods are always professionally processed and prepared for further transport. Trust in Lufapak as your co-packing service provider!

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