Process management at Lufapak´s warehouse

Jim from our Sister DKF was visiting us last week to have a look at our processes and get to know his German colleagues.

We took the chance to ask him some questions:

Jim, how long are you working for DKF and where hav you been before?

I am at DKF as General Manager since March 1st this year. I was at Amazon before and have been working at ecom business since 20 years.

What are the differences between Amazon and DKF concerning process management?

At Amazon the processes are very simple as there are dealt with very small products. Once there is implemented a process it is fixed.

At DKF I have the ability to influence and improve them much more and make it as good as the company. Since March I had the chance to do a lot of changes. It is an advantage that the processes at DKF are not that stiff. For example I am planning a robot picking for the future.

What is your impression about Lufapak?

I was warmly welcomed and had a closer look at their processes. They have a high standard.

You want to know more about processes and our services?

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