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1. August 2022
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15. September 2022

What do we mean by system logistics?


What is meant by system logistics?

In systems logistics, customers are supplied with articles from a specific area. These can be food, fashion or cosmetics, for example. These articles are all offered together in a full range and can be purchased independently of the manufacturer. A system logistics provider then compiles the articles from various manufacturers and sends them to the customer together in one delivery. The customer’s wishes are taken into account in this process. This principle allows the customer to choose between many different articles within a single order. In this way, the customer does not have to place several orders with different manufacturers and thus has less effort. System logistics offers many advantages. Above all, the intensive contact with customers, which binds and convinces them, is of great importance. A system logistics provider takes care of all classic logistics areas, i.e. provides a comprehensive service.

System logistics – extensive range of tasks

In addition to assembling and shipping articles, system logistics takes care of many other tasks. For example, it takes care of warehousing and order picking. A system logistician reliably accepts your orders, processes them according to urgency and can even competently take care of returns. Often, system logistics providers also work with partners from the same industry in order to supply larger regions and offer more products. Being integrated into a network as a system logistics provider is therefore very important and of great advantage. Serious system logistics providers, such as Lufapak, are internationally intertwined, which means that international customers can also be supplied. Such a network of partners and cooperators requires smoothly functioning communication and professionally acting employees. For this reason, advanced information systems are used, which enable efficient, time and cost-saving cooperation. In this way, fast action can be taken even in the event of breakdowns or delays.

System logistics – Why efficient, smooth workflows are particularly important

Fast and smooth workflows are particularly important in system logistics. This is the only way to ensure that goods arrive at the customer or destination as quickly as possible and in the best possible condition. Since systems logistics covers a wide range of industries, it is also important that a systems logistics specialist has extensive knowledge in as many areas as possible. Such areas can include, for example, the food industry, electrical engineering or the automotive industry. With the help of many partners, goods from a wide variety of industries and regions can be brought to a common warehouse. In this warehouse, they are then sorted, compiled into orders if necessary, and securely packed. From there, the goods are then transported on to the recipient. In this way, deliveries can be planned and executed efficiently and in a time-saving manner. Trucks are fully packed, which minimizes the number of necessary trips.

The advantages of systems logistics – environmentally friendly and cost-saving

The concept of system logistics offers many advantages. By bundling goods and shipping them together, trucks can be utilized to the fullest. This means that resources are used sparingly and sustainably. Utilized trucks minimize the number of necessary trucks as well as the number of necessary journeys, which in turn minimizes emissions. A reduction of the emission output protects our environment lastingly! Also economically such a bundling of goods offers many advantages. Transport costs can be significantly reduced and shared among all participating companies. Due to modern procedures, as well as systems and a fast exchange, it is also a very reliable and safe form of logistics. All processes, as well as work steps can be viewed and monitored at any time. Also the exact documentation of all steps belongs to important safety precautions. From incoming goods to outgoing goods, every step is precisely controlled and logged. This ensures that all goods arrive at their destination safely and on time. This then ensures satisfied customers who may consider making further purchases.

System logistics – professional, experienced provider: Lufapak

With a first-class system logistics provider, such as Lufapak, you can count on a comprehensive range of services. Lufapak can deliver to customers all over the world at fair and transparent conditions. Although the company is located in Germany, Lufapak has contacts and networks worldwide. Lufapak’s customers also benefit from these contacts. As part of the DK Group from England, Lufapak is able to provide first-class and, above all, fast deliveries worldwide despite Brexit. Since all logistics processes are handled electronically, using the latest methods, Lufapak is able to act quickly and with foresight, so that transports are carried out within the scheduled times. The company’s many years of existence, as well as its professionally competent staff, also contribute to the first-class services it provides. A comprehensive understanding of the industry, as well as up-to-date, progressive approaches are part of everyday life at Lufapak. When it comes to system logistics, you can count on Lufapak. Even complex orders can be solved professionally by Lufapak. Laws and customs regulations are taken into account at all times and working methods are continuously optimized.

Klara Mirzakhanian
Klara Mirzakhanian
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