• Automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS)

    A small parts warehouse is aimed at online stores that only have to ship products with a low volume. It is space-saving and therefore cost-effective, as the entire room height is always used.

    A small parts warehouse is also always automated. It consists of rack systems that are approached by a storage and retrieval machine. The small parts are stored in trays or plastic containers and can be removed very quickly thanks to automation. The employee enters the desired product into the warehouse management software, the stacker crane moves to the appropriate container and brings it to the so-called picking station. Here, the employee picks the appropriate number and the container is automatically returned to the shelf. The totes are stored in such a way that an optimal material flow is always ensured.

    The advantages of an automatic small parts warehouse are therefore a high circulation speed, quick access to the products, faster dispatch of the products, as well as cost-effective warehousing.

    Lufapak also offers rental storage space in its own warehouses.
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