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    Distribution logistics – a complete package for the sales market with center, warehouse, system, structure and network

    Are you looking for a service provider for your distribution logistics? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer you a complete solution for your distribution logistics. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Thanks to our excellent distribution network, we work quickly and reliably. We create an individual distribution concept and offer storage and delivery of your products, as well as after-sales service, which is very important, for example, in spare parts management. We always work with the latest IT technology to make our processes as effective as possible. Because our slogan is: “You sell, we do the rest!”

    Especially in this day and age, online commerce has become increasingly important. Customers expect fast delivery of the products they have ordered. This requires a high level of networking from all areas of the sales market, which can only be achieved by using the right IT systems with interfaces to merchandise management, ERP and shipping providers.

    At Lufapak we work with the latest technology and can quickly adapt to new trends and adjust our programming. The creation of an effective supply chaim management is the prerequisite for your success. Also or especially in combination with procurement logistics, the smooth management of goods is the A&O for subsequent fulfillment.

    What exactly is distribution logistics?

    Distribution logistics, or sales logistics, refers to the management and control of the processes and procedures required for the distribution of goods. It is therefore concerned with the delivery of goods from an industrial or trading company to the customer. Distribution logistics is thus the link between manufacturing and sales and includes all the necessary processes of storage, handling and transport.

    Efficient distribution routes are of great importance and must be strategically planned. Fast delivery to the customer means high customer satisfaction on the one hand and cost savings for you on the other, regardless of whether you choose a direct or indirect distribution route for your products.

    Warehouse & Logistics Distribution Center Objectives

    The main objectives of distribution logistics are:

    • Ensure availability: There must be a sufficient quantity of products in the distribution warehouse so that the customer can get them quickly.
    • Minimize costs: Costs can be saved through lower transportation costs and faster order fulfillment.
    • Influence: Manufacturers want to influence the way in which products are marketed.

    Tasks of distribution logistics with system

    A distribution system includes the strategic, tactical and operational tasks.

    The strategic tasks are the right choice of location, the creation of a marketing strategy, and the creation of distribution networks.

    Distribution network means, for example, the actual geographical distance from the warehouse to the customer. It can be set up throughout Germany as well as worldwide. The better the distribution structure is set up and managed, the more efficiently and cost-effectively the defined distribution concept for warehouse, logistics and after-sales can be applied across the entire supply chain.

    Tactical tasks include, for example, the decision for in-house or external transport and the definition of the service offered.

    The actual order processing, picking, packing and transport are among the operational tasks of distribution logistics.

    Are you looking for partners with excellent services in the field of distribution logistics and at the same time want to save costs? Do you want satisfied customers who will be happy to buy from you again? Then please contact us and we will arrange a non-binding consultation appointment!

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