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17. April 2023
Warehouse picking
17. April 2023

Goods picking


Goods picking definition

Goods picking is an important process in the logistics industry. It means that products are outsourced to fulfil orders. The process involves collecting, assembling and packing products for shipment to the customer. It is important to pay attention to the correct quantity and condition of the goods to ensure a smooth process. Picking goods requires precise planning and organisation to meet customer requirements. Effective warehouse management is an essential part of this process to ensure that goods are picked and delivered quickly and correctly.

Picking goods correctly

Picking goods correctly is a crucial factor in the success of a business. Picking orders quickly and accurately can save time and money. It is important to have the right equipment and a clear work strategy. Good planning and organisation of storage and classification of goods are also of great importance for effective picking. Education and regular training of employees are also essential for high productivity and error prevention. These measures can make the picking of goods not only more efficient, but also safer and error-free.

Goods picking – importance for companies

Goods picking plays an important role in many companies. An efficient picking system can help save time and costs and increase customer satisfaction. Especially in the logistics industry, fast and error-free picking of goods is essential to stay competitive. Therefore, many companies invest in automated systems and training for their employees in order to always be up to date in this area. Good goods picking can thus contribute significantly to the success of a company.

Outgoing goods picking

The picking of outgoing goods is an important process within a company. It involves preparing the right products in the right quantities for dispatch to the customer. Various factors such as product size, weight and packaging must be taken into account. Effective order picking ensures a smooth outgoing goods process and thus satisfied customers. Outgoing goods picking can be optimised through the use of modern technologies such as barcode scanners and pick-by-light systems. Good organisation and training of employees also contribute to successful picking in the outgoing goods department.

In summary, goods picking is an important process in the logistics industry. It requires attention to detail, good planning and organisation, and the right equipment. The right training of employees is also essential for efficient goods picking. Automated systems can be helpful in optimising this process. Successful goods picking can help companies save time and money and ensure customer satisfaction.

Klara Mirzakhanian
Klara Mirzakhanian
Ich bin seit März 2022 bei Lufapak im Bereich Sales tätig. Im Tagesgeschäft bin ich der Erstkontakt für unsere nationale und internationale Kunden. Die Projektarbeit, wie beispielsweise die Ausarbeitung und Optimierung diverser Prozesse sowie die Unterstützung im Bereich Marketing gehören zu meinen täglichen Aufgaben.
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