22. April 2024
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22. April 2024


Ordering from Amazon – what goes on behind the scenes for sellers?

Life without digital marketplaces and convenient shipping channels is almost unimaginable these days. The corona crisis in particular has shaped purchasing behavior and led to online marketplaces such as Amazon growing strongly and strengthening their market-leading position. Simple ordering processes, convenient payment and fast shipping – that is the norm. A look behind the scenes reveals the importance of the giant Amazon for online retailers who want to make use of the digital store’s wide reach. A variety of different distribution and logistics processes are necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly. With the help of Fulfillment by Amazon – FBA for short – Amazon enables sellers to have their goods shipped on behalf of the group. However, this process also has its advantages and disadvantages, which makes the keyword Pre FBA all the more relevant. First, however, a deeper insight into the Amazon marketplace.

Making use of the reach of Amazon’s digital marketplace

As an online retailer, Amazon is an accessible and far-reaching way for sellers to distribute their goods. “You sell it. We ship it” describes order fulfillment. By sending inventory to warehouses, Amazon is able to manage goods and ensure final fulfillment of the ordering and shipping processes. There are different requirements for sellers that must be met in order to use the service. In addition to setting up FBA within their own Amazon account, product listings must also be created. The preparation of the items and subsequent shipping to Amazon are also necessary steps to ensure sales or shipping via Amazon. The process incurs fees for sellers, which vary depending on the size and weight of the goods being sold. A Pre FBA warehouse is a recommended solution for optimizing the process and reducing costs and effort.

Efficiently optimize logistics processes with a Pre FBA service provider

The need for a Pre FBA warehouse becomes clear when you take a closer look at Amazon’s requirements. Items must be available for Amazon to select, pack and ship at any time. What sounds logical and feasible in principle can lead to unplanned consequences under certain circumstances. Since the items must be available for Amazon on demand by the buyers and FBA fees are incurred at the same time, long-term storage can occur in many cases, depending on the demand for your product. Managing the shipment of goods to Amazon’s warehouses is both time-consuming and costly. How do you make your goods available to Amazon without having to spend unnecessary resources? Pre FBA services like Lufapak’s are the solution to avoid these uncontrolled costs and ensure a smooth process when selling on Amazon.

Here’s how you can benefit from a Pre FBA warehouse

Preparing goods for sale on Amazon is a time-consuming process. Focus on your core business by using a provider like Lufapak for Amazon FBA in between. A Pre FBA warehouse is used for the preparatory interim storage of goods. In addition, goods can be prepared within the Pre FBA process based on the criteria prescribed by Amazon and other qualitative characteristics of the goods can be checked in advance. A major advantage is the external outsourcing of all logistics-related processes to a specialized service provider. Pre FBA not only includes the simple inspection and the process of preparing goods for Amazon FBA. Individual processes such as the repackaging of items and returns management can also arise in many cases and generate additional work. These processes can be covered by a service provider for Pre FBA and all resources can be saved in this way.

External Pre FBA enables sellers on Amazon to ensure quality control

The purchase of goods via Amazon has a long chain of logistics processes behind it in order to be able to offer customers a satisfactory shopping experience. This is also related to quality management, which can also have an impact on the success of your company or store. Pre FBA services can help to check goods according to Amazon criteria and prepare them for shipping. Thanks to the Pre FBA warehouse, items are ready for onward shipment to FBA as quickly as possible and at the same time incur fewer fees and storage costs from Amazon. The outsourcing of returns processes to a service provider for Pre FBA can also be used to maintain quality standards. In summary, sellers can benefit from Pre FBA services in many ways through temporary storage and other external logistics processes. This frees up crucial resources so that you can focus more on your core business.

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