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28. November 2019
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18. January 2021

Lufapak fulfilment, now also at a new site in Urmitz near Koblenz

In November 2019, Lufapak opend a further fulfilment center in Urmitz. Only 15 minutes from the main location in Neuwied, orders for B2B and B2C customers are now processed on additional 1960 sqm, with 1275 Euro pallets and 250 sqm block space. The 100,000 small part storage spaces for eCommerce customers at the Neuwied location are now supplemented by 1.500 spaces.

The new location is necessary for the strong growth of Lufapak to be further expanded. In the so-called fulfilment areas, goods are labelled, repackaged, sorted in displays and/or packed in promotional packaging according to customer requirements.

An optimal shipping process ensures that the shipments arrive safely at the end customers.

Only one warehouse? – No! In addition to the high-quality storage area, there are also 5 offices with a total of 180 sqm, some of which are occupied by Lufapak, but are used by our customers and interested parties.

With the new location, Lufapak has opened a further fulfilment centre which meets the requirements of automotive and eCommerce to the same extent and achieves the best fulfilment rates according to audited processes.

Centrally located, with good connections, parcels are dispatched on the same day and delivered within Germany on the following day. Parcel or pallet dispatch – no problem.

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Barbara Geißler
Barbara Geißler
Business Development – Barbara Geißler ist bei Lufapak für die Geschäftsentwicklung, den Vertrieb, sowie für das Online und Offline Marketing zuständig. Sie kümmert sich um die Pflege der Webseite und der Sozialen Medien. Aber auch um Messeplanung, Printmedien und Pressearbeit.
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