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17. May 2021
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2. June 2022

Reduce inventory: Efficient inventory reduction with Lufapak

Would you like to find out more about measures to reduce inventory and reduce inventory? High inventory levels can disrupt your day-to-day process and cause significant additional costs, so why not just hire an experienced and professional company to handle the storage and management. Measures to reduce inventory are often only short-term solutions. Appropriate planning and experience are required to store, pack and manage excess stocks appropriately. Concentrate on your day-to-day business and leave us, at Lufapak, to reduce inventory and manage incoming goods through storage, administration and inventory control as well as kitting assembly services right through to outgoing goods. With our fulfillment processes, we can help you in every area of ​​storage and logistics.

Inventory optimization with Lufapak, why?

In order to optimize, lower or reduce your inventory, we offer you several storage and / or logistics services. As a fulfillment service provider, we take care of everything from incoming to outgoing goods. We offer you storage solutions for all needs, the entire logistics can be reliably carried out by us as a logistics service provider. Outsourcing your logistics also ensures the desired inventory reduction. We would be happy to support you with all of our storage technology.

Our storage facilities are paired with the most modern warehouse management software and thus enable a highly efficient process for all types of non-food products and spare parts of all sizes. Due to the almost unlimited storage options, appropriate management is very important. All processes in our warehouses are precisely planned and efficient.

Reducing inventory: especially in e-commerce

As an online shop operator in particular, you know for sure how many everyday tasks have to be dealt with. Ideally, consider reducing inventory and outsourcing all of your logistics. Not only do you have unlimited storage options, but you also have the option of outsourcing the entire process. There is also more information about our kitting service at Lufapak.

As an online retailer, reliable shipping service providers who are also cheap and do not skimp on quality are extremely important. With us you get a full service, our shipping is absolutely reliable and on time and at a fair price. We can also offer you express delivery. Start reducing your inventory today and focus on your business.

What does inventory reduction actually mean?

In order to meet the construct of supply and demand in accordance with customer inquiries, you usually have a warehouse with your goods in offline and online trading. The inventory reduction ensures that you can reduce or even outsource your inventory. The advantage of being able to reduce inventories while still being able to service all customer inquiries is a real gain in time and even saves money. You can concentrate completely on your day-to-day business and we take care of storage and administration.

As an experienced company with more than 20 years in warehouse logistics and a worldwide network, we can support you safely and reliably. Do you have high stocks and now want to reduce your inventory as well? To reduce your inventory, simply contact us and we can efficiently reduce your inventory, recommend measures and optimize your process.

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