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17. April 2023
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Warehouse picking

Warehouse picking Meaning

Picking in the warehouse refers to the process of assembling goods from different stocks to fulfil orders. This process plays an important role in the logistics and retail industry, ensuring that customers receive the right products at the right time. In today’s fast-paced world, effective warehouse picking is crucial to gain competitive advantage. By using modern technology, such as automated racking and barcode scanners, the picking process could be accelerated and optimised. Another advantage of picking in the warehouse is the reduction of errors, which in turn leads to more satisfied customers. Overall, the importance of picking in the warehouse is undeniable and it is important for companies to focus on this process in order to be effective and gain competitive advantage.

Warehouse picking methods

Picking methods for warehouses are a set of strategies used to enable efficient distribution of goods and controlled collection of orders.

The different types of picking methods vary in terms of the number of items that can be selected at one time and the picker’s workstation.

There are many different types of picking methods, these include:

Single-order picking – This method requires only one item per order. This is the most common method used in large warehouses or logistics centres.

Multi-order picking – These are multi-step methods with a separate pick-and-pack process for each order. It is usually used in larger facilities as it requires a lot of time.

Zone picking – In this method, the focus is on selecting the product within a specific area of the warehouse. In other words, similar types of products should be grouped in adjacent shelving areas and retrieved one at a time.

Batch picking – Batch picking is one of the most popular picking methods used to process multiple order items simultaneously. It usually requires the use of barcode scanning technology for each item in the order.

High bay picking

High bay picking is a process where products are picked from high shelves and transported to other locations in the warehouse. High bay warehouses are often suitable for internal goods handling, but it can be difficult to find the right items due to the high storage height. To overcome this challenge, logistics companies use various picking methods to make the work more efficient. These include the use of automated picking systems and lifts, as well as special tools for easier access.

High-bay picking is usually preferred in large warehouses as it offers many advantages, such as better use of space and lower labour costs. It also helps prevent errors by ensuring that the right items are picked from the right places. By using this method, companies can increase efficiency and reduce errors, which ultimately leads to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Storage and picking Conclusion

Storage and picking are essential activities for any company that needs to manage goods to fulfil customer orders. With the rapid development of technology, automated racking and barcode scanners have become increasingly important tools for optimising the picking process. By using different picking methods such as single, multiple, zone and batch picking, companies can ensure that the right items are selected and shipped on time. High-bay picking is an effective method for larger warehouses due to better space utilisation and lower labour costs. Ultimately, the decision on which method to use depends on the type and size of the warehouse, as well as the company’s needs and budget.

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