Lufapak fulfilment, now also at a new site in Urmitz near Koblenz
7. January 2020
The convincing fulfillment solution for D2C sales (B2C & B2B)
17. May 2021

Lufapak API connection to Shopify

Shopify is becoming more and more popular and is a worldwide recognized store system for online stores and especially dropshipping. Together with our WMS developer (AJE) and Beeclever, we then developed an app (early 2018), which is totally easy to download via Shopify and exchanges the most important fulfillment data between Shopify and our WMS (Lossy) in real time, without our customer (the store operator) having to intervene.

Lufapak Fulfillment Service APP for Shopify

Lufapak Shopify App – Free!

  • Connection to the fulfillment provider Lufapak
  • Time / cost savings through automatic fulfillment of your orders
  • International fulfillment


  • Transmission of the shipping orders to Lufapak
  • Transfer of the desired transport service provider in the shipping order
  • Confirmation of the delivered shipping orders
  • Feedback of the used transport service provider and service type
  • Feedback of tracking number (package/pallet number) -SSCC
  • Inventory update between warehouse and store
  • Exchange of item master data between store and warehouse

Lufapak Fulfilment
Lufapak eCommerce fulfillment services range from order processing to worldwide shipping and returns management.

Smooth & Efficient
Lufapak ensures smooth and efficient eCommerce fulfillment
No matter in which industry you operate your online store (B2B, B2C), we take care of all crucial processes in eCommerce.

All logistical information necessary for shipping to the customer is automatically exchanged between Shopify and Lufapak after payment processing.

You sell, we do the rest!

Click here to go to the Shopify app.

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