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12. June 2023
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12. June 2023

Pallet warehouse – automated pallet storage

Efficient pallet warehouse – outsourcing the picking of your goods on pallets to Lufapak

Our automatic pallet warehouse offers an efficient solution for companies that need to store large quantities of goods on pallets and have them picked. Thanks to the latest technology, the storage and retrieval of pallets takes place with virtually no manual intervention. This not only saves time, but also significant costs for your company. In addition, thanks to our many years of experience in the logistics industry, we can guarantee fast and reliable picking of your goods. Let us do the work for you and outsource the picking of your goods on pallets to Lufapak.

From storage to shipment – store your goods on pallets in Lufapak’s pallet warehouse

Your goods are always safe and protected on pallets with us. Our pallet warehouse offers you the best conditions for storing your goods. It does not matter what kind of goods it is. From sensitive electronics to bulky seating furniture – we have room for everything. Thanks to our extensive security measures, we can guarantee you optimal storage in our pallet warehouse. And when it comes time to ship your goods, you can count on our fast and reliable shipping. We take care of everything so you can concentrate on your core business.

Security measures in our pallet warehouse

Security measures are a top priority in our pallet warehouse. The warehouse is only accessible to a few employees in order to minimize undesirable activities. In addition, we have separate storage areas and rooms for particularly valuable goods. All areas are fully equipped with cameras, security doors and the latest IT technology. This ensures that all security aspects can be monitored around the clock. We attach great importance to keeping your goods safe and secure. Our goal is to give you a feeling of security and trust when you entrust us with your goods.

Automated pallet warehouse – Worldwide transportation services by Lufapak

At Lufapak, we are a leading transportation and logistics service provider offering worldwide transportation services through our automated pallet warehouses. We have a strong, international network of logistics partners that enables a reliable and effective supply chain. Through wholesale master agreements, we are able to offer competitive pricing, providing you, the customer, with a cost-effective solution to your shipping needs. With years of experience in the industry, we offer our customers the highest level of expertise and reliability through our automated pallet warehouse including picking and shipping.

Innovative solutions to optimize your processes through our internal pallet warehouse management

Our internal pallet warehouse management is an innovative solution that can help you optimize your processes. We offer you an efficient and reliable way to have your pallets stored quickly shipped on. This not only saves you time and space, but also costs. Our experienced team ensures that your pallets are always stored safely and well organized. What’s more, we can provide you with a customized solution that is tailored to the exact needs of your industry and business. If you’re looking for a way to improve your operations and increase your productivity, our pallet storage is definitely worth considering.

Optimized logistics processes: Take advantage of our pallet warehouse

As a business, optimized logistics processes are of the utmost importance. In order to transport items and goods effectively and efficiently throughout your business, our pallet storage offers the perfect solution. With our storage, you can free up space in your company while achieving a much easier and faster handling of logistical processes. The pallet warehouse is specifically designed to safely store both small and large quantities of pallets and items, allowing for a hassle-free process. Take advantage of our pallet warehouse and promote your business operations to a new level of efficiency.

Klara Mirzakhanian
Klara Mirzakhanian
Ich bin seit März 2022 bei Lufapak im Bereich Sales tätig. Im Tagesgeschäft bin ich der Erstkontakt für unsere nationale und internationale Kunden. Die Projektarbeit, wie beispielsweise die Ausarbeitung und Optimierung diverser Prozesse sowie die Unterstützung im Bereich Marketing gehören zu meinen täglichen Aufgaben.
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