Contract manufacturer for (natural) cosmetics, perfume & beauty products

As a contract manufacturer, contract packer for (natural) beauty products with fulfillment background, we offer individual packaging service, assembly services, kitting, set building and also other contract work for beauty products.

Fast, flexible, efficient and cost-attractive – anyone who has ever worked with Lufapak as a contract manufacturer for cosmetic products would not want to miss the contract work service again. Maximum reliability in terms of quality and adherence to deadlines are combined with full-service fulfillment and pronounced customer orientation – especially for particularly quality-sensitive products and sophisticated beauty sets.

Contract work & contract packaging for cosmetics, natural cosmetics, perfumes and more

The production of cosmetics and perfumes (perfume contract manufacturers) is a matter of trust. Sophisticated products and sensitive raw materials place the highest demands on production all the way to the consumer. This is where Lufapak can bring its full strength as an experienced contract manufacturer to bear. We accompany you as an efficient partner from the first packaging concept to the delivery of the product ready for sale. It goes without saying that the legal requirements and regulations are meticulously followed and documented at every stage of contract manufacturing. Request cosmetic contract manufacturers Lufapak now!

Whether lipsticks, makeup, creams, deodorants, shower products or body lotions, Lufapak can cover complete cosmetics ranges in its contract work. This includes access to optimized packaging solutions for the implementation of the most demanding packaging.

Due to years of experience in contract manufacturing, small quantities (small batches) of cosmetics, natural cosmetics and beauty products of all kinds can also be processed without any problems. In view of our competence and the attractive conditions, this appeals to a target group ranging from specialized cosmetics studios, StarUp to corporations aiming for a worldwide rollout.

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Germany-wide contract manufacturing & contract work for cosmetics from professionals since 1998

Our contract packaging work is not regionally limited. You send us the cosmetic and beauty products to Neuwied, we pack and return Germany / Worldwide. The delivery times within Germany are mostly the same, no matter if 50km or 500km. Lufapak will gladly take care of the complete transport at favorable conditions. Use our cosmetics contract manufacturing services now!

Beauty & Cosmetics

Perfume / cosmetics / lip care / make-up utensils / creams etc. with minimum shelf life tracking and batch tracking

The range of possible contract packaging & assembly services for cosmetic products is wide

At the manufacturer, the filling and packaging of liquids and lotions takes place in bottles and, of course, the filling of aerosols, pump and dosage sprays in cans. Packaging concepts that cover safety, appearance and cost relevance are equally important.

Lufapak organizes the complete shipping logistics, the pick pack packaging and, with partners, reliably takes over the after-sales support. Due to our extensive experience, we can also guarantee maximum quality for the particularly demanding contract packaging of natural cosmetics, both in terms of the special product characteristics and the legal requirements.

At every single logistics step, Lufapak focuses on quality – whether as a well-known brand or a flexible private label option. Quality management does not just take effect with the finished product, but already starts in the set formation phase and during processing. This requirement naturally applies regardless of the volume of the respective order and the size of the order quantity, so that first-class quality is guaranteed in any case – even for small quantities at a fair price!

Examples of co packing and contract work for cosmetics, natural cosmetics and beauty products:

  • Set-Building eCommerce
  • Pre FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Preparation
  • Pack 3 lipsticks together in a set, in a nice package
  • Pack razor + foam together in a nice package
  • Assembly services (makeup set together lead)
  • Implement sales packaging: e.g. promotional packaging & anniversary packaging
  • Pack goods in e.g. summer edition
  • Packing Christmas promotions, goods with company logo
  • Assemble promotional gifts into a set
  • Filling Advent calendars
  • Labeling & pre-packing
  • Print and apply labels in different languages regarding contents
  • Packing unpacked goods in transport packaging
  • Packing articles consisting of several components into a sales set
  • Goods that are sent unpacked are packed in a nice sales package
  • Make-up accessories are packed in cases and a sales package
  • Make-up + instructions will be packed in a nice package
  • Display construction (setting up displays and stocking them with promotional merchandise)
    • Table displays
    • Shelf displays
    • Stand displays
  • Shrink
  • Sleeving
  • Skin packaging
  • Labeling
  • Confection & Shipping
  • Assembly & Contract Manufacturing

Cosmetics packaging

Without packaging, your product cannot reach the customer. In this work step at the end of the production chain, the goods output is sorted, structured and assembled for the end buyer, exactly as desired by the customer and client. Depending on the product, this process involves a wide variety of measures, ranging from the simple repackaging of (natural) cosmetics to the compilation and production of complex and individual sets. Other frequently booked packaging modules include quality control, corrections and other reworking, cleaning and labeling, as well as the application of necessary markings.

These include pick and pack order picking, among others.

Packaging development

In addition to packaging services, Lufapak also offers the necessary expertise and creativity for successful cosmetic packaging, according to the specific requirements for your product. Either Lufapak already has the right packaging with closure and fastening material for your task or we find and develop it. The general conditions such as the logistics chain are taken into account, as are the specific requirements of the product. This ensures that the individual packaging solution offers the product the best possible protection, while at the same time being optimally cost-efficient. A close exchange with the client is a matter of course, as is the sustainability of the product and the product packaging.

Warehouse management

External warehouse management provides the client with freedom, both in terms of space and liquidity. Lufapak has sufficient capacity to store your packed and unpacked goods and products economically and properly. By storing directly at the service provider, you also speed up the further processing planned there and avoid taking up capacity needed in-house. The “time” factor also speaks in favor of warehousing at Lufapak: sophisticated warehouse management software, specialized staff and modern storage areas ensure that incoming orders are processed, packaged and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible. Thanks to this reliable and precise order processing, money also arrives faster to clients.

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