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7. November 2017
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30. November 2017

Levent Ekiz rules over quality and processes

What do you do as a quality manager at Lufapak

As Head of Quality Management, you are responsible for internal processes from the perspective of quality standards.

1. What new processes have been added in the area of eCommerce in quality assurance?

We have made some fundamental process optimizations in the last 3 years. For example:

  • a new database
  • new optimized work instructions
  • internal process descriptions and documentation, tailored to each individual customer
  • first processes are aligned with the customer, regarding returns, complaints, etc. (process alignment according to customer requirements)

2. Returns management is a big issue, especially in e-commerce. How does Lufapak deal with this and how is it ensured that returns are processed in a timely manner?

Every day we try to make sure that the returns are recorded in the database, so that the customer gets the data as soon as possible. Every day a standardized email about new “returns or promotions” is sent to the respective customers. The new customers are always informed via email first and at the latest after 2-3 days without feedback, we seek contact. As soon as a feedback for a return occurs, these are processed according to customer’s request and instruction like e.g.: Free posting, scrapping, back to sender etc. and afterwards this case is archived and can be found again at any time.

3. What is the communication with the customer in the event of a defect?

The procedure in such cases may be as follows:

Defects/quality deviation

The customer informs us via email, the stock is immediately blocked and stopped for shipment. Then the product will be checked and handled according to the customer’s instruction, the result of the check will be reported to the customer. Then he decides how we proceed. It is planned that the communication for this case will also be handled and standardized via the database, but at the moment the defects are so small that this is not necessary.


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