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Finding the right fulfillment partner – Here’s what you should look out for

Points to consider when looking for the right fulfillment partner

Barbara Geissler has been working for 12 years as Business Development Manager at Lufapak GmbH, one of the leading fulfillment service providers in eCommerce and eBusiness. She is in contact with Start UPS and companies where the growth of the business is not scalable and who need help to build their business.

It is precisely in order to absorb these unknowns that it is important for the logistics partner to also be able to respond to peaks in business and growth. Above all, personal consultation plays a significant role here in order to achieve the optimal result together. Lufapak, with its 20 years of experience, is happy to offer its customers support in the form of logistics services as well as store connections.

When searching for the right fulfillment partner, it is important to include the following criteria in the decision-making process:

The customer in the foreground

As in any business, logistics partners should put the customer first and make customer satisfaction a top priority. When choosing a logistics partner, online merchants should make sure that they stand by you and offer a good service.

Fast delivery as a competitive advantage

In recent years, customer demands on logistics have risen to the extreme. In contrast to the past, a delivery time of 3 days is clearly too long for many entrepreneurs. The end customers would like to have their parcels on their doorstep as soon as they click on the order button. The shorter the delivery time, the more satisfied the customers are. Today, online retailers can no longer do without smoothly functioning, efficient and flexible logistics. That’s why they should work with a logistics partner who can meet these requirements.

Functioning logistics is the be-all and end-all

The business needs functioning logistics. If this is not available, the business suffers. The demands on the logistics partner must therefore be very high. As an online retailer, you have to be able to trust the fulfillment partner, because logistics, along with IT, is the core of every online store. When looking for the optimal logistics outsourcing partner, the following points should have the highest priority: Control over logistics processes, transparency and high flexibility.

Cheap is not always good

Of course, it is essential that the logistics services offered are affordable for the online retailer. If they are not, the logistics outsourcing project can backfire. When choosing a fulfillment partner, you should not look for the cheapest offer, but for the best price-performance ratio. A low price does not make a good fulfillment provider, because they must also be reliable and meet the requirements to guarantee satisfied customers. Beware of hidden costs!

Nothing works without functioning IT

An online store without a flawless IT connection and interfaces is not productive. Demands have also increased in this area in recent years. IT and logistics must harmonize in order to avoid errors. That is why IT should never be underestimated.

So don’t be afraid to use a logistics service provider.

Concentrate on your core business – Lufapak does the rest!

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Barbara Geißler
Barbara Geißler
Business Development – Barbara Geißler ist bei Lufapak für die Geschäftsentwicklung, den Vertrieb, sowie für das Online und Offline Marketing zuständig. Sie kümmert sich um die Pflege der Webseite und der Sozialen Medien. Aber auch um Messeplanung, Printmedien und Pressearbeit.
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